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Seamless Urethane Cement and Epoxy Flooring Options  


Epoxy is an ideal solution for those who want seamless and durable flooring that is also easy to maintain. Its versatility makes it a great choice for a wide range of residential and commercial flooring applications, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic that is both functional and practical.

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Metallic Epoxy

Our metallic epoxy is a multi-layered coating system that incorporates metallic additives to create exotic effects. This process creates a unique and beautiful lava flow or pearlescent design.

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Epoxy Flake

Our team offers epoxy flake, which is a vibrant, multi-hued option that not only looks great but also provides subtle grooves to reduce slips and falls. It's perfect for those who want a seamless and safe surface.

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Urethane Cement

Our urethane cement is a seamless floor surface that is impervious to liquids and bacteria. It's perfect for those who want a smooth and durable surface that's easy to clean.